101 in 1001

I’ve decided to start and keep track of this project 101 things in 1001 days. The only rule is that the items have to be tangible and measurable, but really, anything else goes! Here’s my list:

1.       Save 6 months of living expenses

2.       Go on a vacation with my husband. Completed 4/18-22/2011

3.       Get rid of all clutter in my living room Completed 11/21/2012

4.       Visit the library Completed March 2011

5.       Run in the 4th of July fun run

6.       Drop 2 pant sizes Completd July 26th

7.       Take a wine tasting class

8.       Digi-scrap 3 LO’s a month for at least 6 months

9.       Have a dinner party

10.   Take my family on a picnic Summer 2012

11.   Take a cooking class

12.   Go Hiking

13.   Get acupuncture

14.   Start doing yoga once a week for 2 months

15.   Light candles every day for a month Completed May 2011

16.   Send letters/e-mails to my old best friends

17.   Get rid/box up all the baby stuff I don’t need 11/6/2010

18.   Take golf lessons June/July 2011

19.   Get flowers once a month for a year

20.   Make all light bulbs in my house CFL’s

21.   Only use reusable bags

22.   Make my husband a cheesecake

23.   Bake cookies with my kids and not care if they actually help or mess the kitchen completed December 2011

24.   Make a vision board

25.   Paint the kids’ play room

26.   Learn to knit

27.   Help my kids make holiday decorations

28.   Get rid of 30 books from my bookshelf Completed March 2011

29.   Watch all the Star Wars Movies

30.   Paint the living room

31.   Have no debt other than mortgage

32.   Get a monitor heater Completed March 2011

33.   Go dancing October 23, 2011

34.   Let my husband pick the movie we watch at night

35.   Buy more Chico bags December 25, 2011

36.   Stick to my monthly budget

37.   Delete photos off my computer that I will never print

38.   Print photos and get them in an album

39.   Put all photos in an album

40.   Sign up for the fresh produce delivery June 2012

41.   Clean out my closet Completed March 2011

42.   Get rid of shoes I don’t wear – Completed March 2011

43.   Keep my kitchen clean for an entire month

44.   Not buy coffee shop coffee for a month

45.   Start playing the flute again

46.   Help out with the local theater

47.   Watch less TV

48.   Reuse Gift bags instead of buying more

49.   Hang new pictures on the wall Completed April 2011

50.   Try snowboarding again

51.   Volunteer for a political campaign

52.   Go to Cross Fit every week for 12 weeks

53.   Make my own salsa September 2011

54.   Go on a girls weekend November 9-12 2012

55.   Go shopping with my sister

56.   Go to Vegas Completed 4/18-22/2011

57.   Keep a book log of every book read for a year

58.   Read books by 5 new authors 5/5 Completed March 2011

59.   See a performance at the Britt Festival August 30, 2012

60.   Clean and Organize Craft Cupboard 11/14/2010

61.   No restaurant food for  1 month Jan-Feb 2012

62.   Make my own pasta 12/24/2010

63.   Print my Scrap Layouts once every 3 months and get them in the appropriate albums

64.   Make a new friend 11/2/2011

65.   See all the LRT plays (not just the big shows)

66.   Mail Christmas Cards

67.   Donate coats to Coats for Kids

68.   Hang up decorations in bathrooms

69.   Read the works of Jane Austen

70.   Watch The Godfather Trilogy

71.   Go to a movie on opening night

72.   Go Camping August 2011

73.   Have family pictures done October 2011

74.   Get a massage

75.   Cook one new recipe a month for at least 6 months

76.   Organize the bill area

77.   Learn Photoshop

78.   30 day shred 5 days a week for 12 weeks

79.   Get rid of toys the kids don’t need/play with

80.   Organize the dresser

81.   Inspire someone to make a 101 in 1001 list

82.   Get a passport

83.   Join or start a book club

84.   Learn to play a song on the guitar

85.   Watch the sunrise and Sunset in the same day

86.   Learn to decorate a cake

87.   Donate blood 6 times – 1 on 10/31/2011, Jan 5, 2012, April 19, 2012 October 31, 2012

88.   Leave a happy note in a book

89.   Go see the Geese take off from Castle Rock

90.   Make a will

91.   Learn to say I love you in 10 languages

92.   Make a list of things that make me wonderful

93.   Keep a garden alive all summer!

94.   Put away clean laundry as soon as it’s washed for 30 days

95.   Wear a skirt or dress once a week for 3 months

96.   Pay for the coffee of the person behind me in line December 2011

97.   Send letters to 12 people

98.   Buy a new couch

99.   Wear Jewelry 3 days a week for 3 months

100.   Blog about each entry

101.   Donate $5 for every not completed entry to the ACS.

Start Date: 10/29/10

Finish Date 7/26/13


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