Saturday, How I Miss Thee

There was a time, a long, long time ago when Saturday’s meant glorious wonderful things. Saturday meant sleeping in until 8, 9, 10. Rolling out of bed checking to make sure my hair wasn’t ‘too’ frightening, running to Java Hut and getting a mocha, coming home and enjoying it, in peace.

Yeah, that is pretty much a non existent theory for me. Saturday’s now are pretty much not that.

Now some time between 5:45 and 7 one of my two big hellions wander into my bedroom, or the baby wakes up wanting to be fed. Then if I’m lucky I can convince the two big kids to go back to bed until 7.

Do I get to stroll over to a coffee shop, ummm, no. I cross my fingers and hope and pray to the heavens that I have enough coffee left to make a pot (not the case this morning.)

Do I get to spend the morning relaxing doing what I want? No, not so much. I get to spend the morning setting up, getting apple jacks, and cheerios, and milk, and water.

Don’t get me wrong, I love these kids, these big rotten kids of mine, but oh how life has changed.

I guess it’s time for me to scour the cupboards to maybe find the gold at the end of the rainbow, coffee.

I’m out, for now.


One response to “Saturday, How I Miss Thee

  • Nikki

    La, I hear ya. We love our kids with everything we’ve got but it sure would be nice to have a quiet, relaxing Saturday morning or two every once in awhile. :o)

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