Everyday Madness

Wowza, what a crazy couple of days. I work a full time job.

Other than the three little crazies I have plus my husband.

At this full time job, which I’m really good at, I’ve been implementing and registering employees. It has seriously been all consuming. I’ve had to schedule and organize three trainings (which start tomorrow), go around, scan hands, find employees, check schedules and so forth (All while wearing my really cute three inch heeled boots, but not the best for walking all over a casino).

These are things that are not really in my job duties. Sure, part of my ‘measurable and goal oriented’ tasks in my review were to help with the set up of this system, but I’m pretty darn sure that I’ve done more than ‘help’ get it started.

Oh well, I sort of like being in charge.

So, hopefully by the end of the week, I’ll have finished getting it set up, the managers will be trained, and I can sit back and watch and wait and see if all my hard work will work, or if I’ll have to make changes.

On the home front…..

We’re having fajitas for dinner.


I even think Matt is going to cook some of dinner. I love it when we get in the kitchen together, cook dinner, clean up, all while talking, shooing the children out from under our feet, maybe having an adult beverage. It really is one of my favorite things.

The bigger of the two crazies are going to be graduating from Pre-K and preschool on the 9th. You can expect some pictures from that. I know it won’t be a huge ceremony, and we don’t have to do the whole cap and gown thing, but we’re excited nonetheless.

Well, I need to go start marinating the steak for dinner and wait for that husband of mine to get home.



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