If I weren’t married, you’d want to marry me…..

Especially after you try this recipe. I know that the blog world is flooded with awesome cooking blogs, and I’m not even going to try to compete, but this, well this is worth venturing into the cooking blog territory. Are you ready, Cabbage Salsa. O-M-G.

A restaurant that we like to visit has this and I’ve always been slightly intimidated to recreate the masterpiece, because, what if it sucks. Then I’m out the time, plus the cost of the ingredients.

I am so glad I got over that fear.

I started with this wonderful ingredient.

Then, I shredded it up and added 3 roma tomatoes, diced. Since the salsa isn’t a tomato salsa, the romas were just showing up for the party, they weren’t the guest of honor.

I diced up an onion, a large amount of cilantro, lime juice, salt, pepper, cilantro, a little more lime juice.

Ummm, I’ll say it again, O-M-G!

I ate the some of the leftovers for lunch yesterday with some chips.

Yeah, and when the chips were gone, I ate it with a fork. I figure it’s like, coleslaw, right?

Yeah, do yourself a favor and take the lunge and try this recipe. You’ll want to marry me.


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