My lovely love….

I have three little hellions, but today, I’m going to talk about Kailee.
Oh, wait, forgive me, it’s Princess Kailee.

Yeah, I’m willing to take responsibility for the princess aspect. I however didn’t know that calling my sweet little baby princess could morph her into such a strong minded-willed diva.

I mean, I love the fact that Kailee knows who she is at the crazy age of not quite four, but man, I wasn’t prepared for the ‘tude.

Simple things result in major meltdowns. Two nights ago it was time for bed. So we said, “Kailee, it’s bedtime, please put your jammies on.”

Simple, right?


Those few words caused my darling daughter to roll on the ground, screaming as if we took a hot stick and jammed it in her eye. I was slightly concerned my neighbors across the street could hear her and was going to call CPS.

I try not to give into her tantrums, so instead of her sleeping in her cute little pajamas, she got to sleep in her panties.

Yeah, plus one for mommy.

Despite her ornery streak, she’s super funny!

She’ll be running by and you say, “Hi, Kailee” and she says “blaaahhh!” And then laughs uncontrollably.

She loves to hide and scare you. but, she’s the worst hider ever! I can come in from putting stuff in the van (yes, I drive a minivan, and am proud of it) and she’ll be hiding behind a chair. Even though I can see her toes, I can certainly hear her “snicker snicker snicker.”

And even though she started out super little and small, in just a matter of days, my sweet baby Kailee will be turning 4. She’s my only daughter and I love her.

I’m going to go get the tissues now and think about her growing up. But here she is now.


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