Monday nights. It seems like I should have dinners figured out. you know, having had all weekend to plan my meals for the week.

I didn’t plan squat diddly this weekend. I did manage to pull some ribs out of the freezer while I was home for lunch, but do you think I thought far enough in advance to figure out what we’re having with them?

Plus, I love to cook. It’s relaxing, I enjoy it and, I’m good at it.
I HATE – HATE the clean up. I don’t like putting away my ingredients, I don’t like doing the dishes, I don’t like wiping the counter down. But I hate to cook in a messy kitchen, so, what do ya do?

You have your husband do the dishes!! I realize that’s not the answer for everyone, but it sure as heck works in my house.

I get the joys of cooking and don’t have to worry too much about the clean up.

Hope you all have great dinners this week. It looks like fish sticks in my house tonight!


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