A Day in the Life

So, on a message board I’m active on we’re doing a neat project called “A Day in the Life.” All us crazy ladies decided to take the time to take pictures of what we do in our lives on a normal day.


Here’s mine! 🙂

Wake up: 5:20am. I couldn’t get my head around taking a picture of the clock, it seemed cruel. So instead, I took a picture of my first cup of coffee.

So, while I drink my coffee, I make my family their lunches for the day

Then I get a little bit of time to sit and have quiet.

at 6:15 I start making breakfast for the kids.



Then, I get to go wake them up, at 6:30. They come to the table mostly cheerful


After the big two have started their breakfast I go wake the baby up. Morning Ian!

Then it’s time for my sleepy boy to get dressed!

After everyone is dressed and ready to go, we load into the van

Then it’s off to preschool. Drop the big two off and down to one baby!

Then I drop Ian off at daycare and head to work where I spend the day wishing I were taking a nap instead of analyzing data.

After I pick up my three crazies from school and daycare the madness really starts.

We have dinner

I do laundry

Load the Dishwasher


then the big kids have play time

Then everyone gets a bath!

Then we say nighty night!



Finally it’s time for me to sit down and watch TV. In quiet. And, no I didn’t get any pictures of me sitting on my rump! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this peek into our daily lives! 🙂


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