And so, we begin school

So, my little boy has gone off into the big world. He has finished preschool and here I was, expecting him to go off into the wide world of Kindergarten. I would be wrong.

Tyler is so smart. He’s always been smart. The school thought he was so smart that they bumped him right out of Kindergarten and into 1st grade. His daddy and I are beyond proud. He’s such a good smart boy.

But, with skipping Kinder comes a lot of work on my part. We chose, and it was a choice, to enroll him in a charter school. A school which focuses on small class sizes, individual attention, individual learning plans and a home school feel to it. Some times I think we were crazy to skip KG, but you know, he’s adapting well.

Miss Karen works with him each morning on his handwriting. We pick up the letter writing at night. We’re finding ways to incorporate learning into every minute of what we do.

This morning, for instance he was up before he was supposed to be. I was making his oatmeal, and voila, instant math lesson. We measure the half cup of oats, and talked about how much water we needed to add. “How many half’s make a whole, Tyler?” 2!

YAY! He gets it. Then we got to talk about time as he pushed the buttons on the microwave. And, since I’m in accounting, I’m a fan of rounding, so I rounded this discussion up to 10 minutes.

It is kind of a challenge figuring out how to get the 8.5 hours a week into our daily lives. 2 hours of PE isn’t too hard, he loves to play and run, plus we have soccer. The 2 hours of reading isn’t hard, since we love to read. It’s the other 4.5 that I’m figuring and stumbling over.

I’m trying to not get too overwhelmed, and I know that there are tons of resources out here in internet land, but that’s the problem, there are tons of resources out here in internet land.

So for now, we’re starting small, thank goodness he’s only a 1st grader, and finding ways to make normal every day activities into learning. I so don’t want him to feel like he has to do workbooks all day. We’re almost through our second week and I’m sure that next week will be even better! J


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