Sick Kids Blow

Literally. Kailee blew chunks all over her bed last night. Poor little thing. I climb in bed around 10:15 or so and have the monitor on so I can hear the baby. I hear my bug making weird sniffly sounds. Breathing funny, and it just isn’t sitting right. But, I’m being lazy, so I don’t get it up.

It’s one of my traits as a mother.

So she sneezes twice and I drag my butt out of bed, because I was laying there waiting for her to make too much noise and wake the baby anyway.

Her sweet little voice says “I’m wet all over.” And of course, I think she peed the bed. I was wishing it was just snot juice (you’re welcome for the mental image).

I was wrong. Puke. Icky, gross puke.

I don’t care that I’ve been a parent for 5.5 years (holy mother!). Puke is gross.

I’ve been puked on. My favorite jacket has been ruined by puke.

I’ve carried puking kids through my living room into the kitchen just so it’s an easier mess to clean.

Puke NEVER gets easier.

So, I go and kick ever so lovingly wake my husabnd up. We started operation clean puke. Dunk one 4 yaer old girl in tub. Clean puke off.

Pull sheets, pillowcase, pillow, stuffed animals, blanket off bed. Into wash.

Make bed, find clean pillow, pillow case, sheets, blanket stuffed animal, jammies.

Get 4 year old girl into all this without waking baby!!!!!


So, no school for my girlie today, but that’s alright, she’s getting some quality time at home with just her and daddy, a rare and special treat.

I hope tonight can be a puke free night.


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