101 in 1001 Number 17 & 60

So, I was mighty productive two weekends in a row. Last weekend I went through 9, yes 9 rubbermaid tubs that were filled to the brim of baby boy clothes.

I picked through and kept my favorites of all the clothes, (I had previously done this with the little girls clothes), kept the next size that Fat Baby will be growing into soon, and got rid of all the rest! Yup, gone. No more baby clothes taking up my living room.

It’s really sort of sad, and somehow made my decision to not have any more kidlets super final. I mean, it’s not like if I did have another baby I couldnt’ buy more clothes, but I kept all those for so long, it was super sad.

But, the local thrift shop got 6 tubs of clothes, and they are getting my travel system, it’s not out of the house yet, but it’s going this weekend, I wanted to use the stroller for the last soccer game, and the exersaucer. Gone. So, YAY me for working towards a more peaceful house, boo for not having a baby anymore.


Yesterday, I attacked the craft cupboard. Yeah, you’re probably thing Big Deal.

You, obviously haven’t seen the craft cupboard. A huge, beautiful wood cupboard crammed to the brim with supplies. I dreaded hearing the words, “Can we do a craft?” It made me want to cry. Not so anymore! I threw away all the pipe cleaners. My kids have a particular fondness of taking them, twisting them, and calling them projects.

I have no desire to untangle them. So, they went to the garbage. Everything went into baskets, bags or folers. Coloring books and papers are stacked neatly, playdough is together, paints are togehter, fun stuff to glue onto paper/cups/anything their hearts desire are bagged into categories and put into appropriate baskets.

Now, opening that cupboard makes me happy! 🙂

Blog at ya later! 🙂


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