Pinterest Challenge

Pinterest have you heard of it? Well, you should if you haven’t. Its the best site ever. I spend time everyday scrolling through the boards, repinning all sorts of thinks I like, would like to do, think is a great idea or just makes me laugh.

Well, after Sherry from Young House Love and her friends KatieEmily and Lana issued a Pinterest challenge, I knew I was in.

The Challenge: Stop pinning for 2 seconds and make something! Okay, so maybe it wasn’t worded quite like that, but that was the general idea. So, I went immediately to my pin boards and started scrolling.

I remembered that I had actually already made some yummy pinterest inspired food. This Chicken Club Brunch Bring for my friends engagement party.

But, not wanting to feel like I might be cheating, I set out to make something new. Well, not wanting to aim low, I set my sights on three Pinterest projects!

Up First: The Family Name Stacker. It was really super easy. The ladies at Craft-o-Maniac walked me right through it. I had my husband cut the boards. (I could do it, but really he was much quicker). I busted out some brown paint, although any color would work and painted away. Then I rifled through my scrapbook paper supply and settled on some from the Creative Memories Jewel Tones. While the blocks were drying I cut out the paper to just barely smaller than the 2×4 blocks.

After the boards were dry, which seemed like an eternity I busted out my brand new container of mod podge and put a good coat on one side, put the trimmed piece of paper on the board, smoothed it out with an old plastic card and put more mod podge on top. Repeated three times and started waiting, not-so-patiently.

Here’s where the simple nature of the project stopped. The girls in the blog entry have some special scrapbooking tool for cutting things out. Yeah. I don’t have that. And, my printer was beign difficult and I just couldn’t get it to work then I ran out of ink. So, today at work I printed out the stickers which I had already sized up on Photo Shop on Saturday.

I’ve applied them to the boards and am IN LOVE with my project! 🙂 It looks so sweet and cute sitting on my shelf. And, I have a no brainer wedding gift for people!

Up Next: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies. Ummm, YUM! Really, folks, that about sums it up. Lori, the Recipe Girl really knew what she was talking about when she came up with this one.  This was pretty easy and super delicious. And it really could be made easier by using a box mix of brownies and just making the cookie dough part.

And the Bust: I had great plans to make Sangria Sorbet. I made the mixture put it in the ice cream maker and never got further along. I’m pretty sure that it needs more water and a little less wine. But, I will probably give it another go, just because I’m stubborn like that!

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by, and maybe if I continue to be adventurous in Pinterest challenges I might post again sooner than 6 months. 🙂


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