What’s Been Happening

Even though prior to yesterday I had not had a new post in somewhere around 6 months, I’m not even going to try to make excuses. But, in light of my non excuse making, things really have been busy.

Back in February sometime I got a foreclosure listing in my e-mail. I was on the list because I knew if we were ever going to buy another house and it was going to be a house I wanted, it would not be a brand new house. We both work, and have good jobs, but rolling in it, we are not.

Anyhows, I get a foreclosure listing and it meets a ton of my requirements. 4 bedroom, three bath, half-acre, private road, out of the town we live in. Perfect. Sure the pictures made it seem a little dumpy, and a window was boarded up, but eh, it was worth the 15 minute drive and look around the house with a realtor to me. So we called the real estate agency from when we bought our first house and got a realtor to meet us there.

Needless to say it was love at first sight!

So we started the escrow process. Put an offer in, waited because we found out some other people put an offer in. And then I literally yelled:

after I found out our offer was accepted. So, basically we had a 35 day escrow, paid for all sorts of extra water tests since we live next to a lily field. Moving was a whirlwind, the yard is tons of work but worth all the work! 🙂 The kids love having their own rooms, playing in the yard and riding their bikes on a road where there’s hardly any traffic.

YAY! Welcome Home, Stanley Family, Welcome Home (Totally said in my very best Ty Pennington voice.)


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