You now, I’ve done several jobs in my life. I was a babysitter when I was 11 and did that all the time until I was 16. Then, I got a job as a hostess and did that for a couple of years. Then, I became a waitress, and rocked that. I also learned to bartend and did a pretty good job of that too. I then got a job as an account clerk and am now an associate. I’m good at my job. I know what I’m doing. It makes sense and I feel like the numbers always do what they are supposed to and if they don’t, it’s probably something I’ve done wrong.


But being a mom; man, that is some seriously hard work. I love being a mom. But I have to make decisions and choices that are best for my kids and my family.


Last year when my son was supposed to enter Kindergarten, I took him to the school in our district and filled out the paperwork. I filled out all the information for a lottery to get him in a different school. But, in that process we had the Kindergarten evaluation. The teacher told me that I was going to have to work with my son a lot that summer because he held a pencil funny. Ummm, he’s 5. He’s supposed to hold a pencil funny. They ‘do a lot of bookwork in Kindergarten. A lot.’ That’s what the teacher told me.


I immediately knew that enrolling him in that school or any other school that held the same philosophy was not going to work for me. So I started looking. As much as I would love to home school, I have to work. Not to mention my little community isn’t busting at the seams with support and groups for home schooling families. So I continued my search.


After talking with friends I decided to look into one of the Charter Schools in town. I was instantly won over by a school. I loved that they did hands on learning. They have book work, of course, but the majority of their learning is focused on making sure the children get a solid understanding of the concepts. I also really liked that the school places a large portion of the instruction and teaching on the parents. Last year I was responsible for givingTyler9.5 hours of instruction a week. Including PE and reading time.


Did I do quite as well as I wanted? Probably not. Do I feel like I gaveTylera great first year of school? Absolutely.


This school was able to recognize the fact that my son who was 5 and reading chapter books was probably too advanced for Kindergarten and put him in their 1st and 2nd grade class. He shined. And in fact was one of the top students in his class.


I know this seems like a braggy post, but I really was so proud of my son for doing well and proud of myself for realizing that my mommy signs were sending me a signal and I listened.


As summer is starting to wind down (how in the heck did that happen?) I’m starting to look at my planning for this upcoming year. Last year going in I had a general idea what to do but had to wing it and figure it out on the fly. This year I know what is expected of me as a parent and I know what I should do to encourage my children to succeed.


I’m working on setting up lessons for each week so that I can successfully manage two children who need my time and attention to succeed. I hope that I can have a successful school year, and wish the same to all of you! Do you have any experience withCharterSchoolsand doing joint learning?


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