To Project 365 it, or not?

I’ve really been slacking lately. And I don’t even mean on the blog front. I’m fully aware that a life of blogging, and becoming the next Young House Love is not my destiny. First of all, even though I live in a fixer-upper, I’m pretty much helpless when it comes to home improvements, and hey – that’s what my husband is for. 🙂 

And, when it comes to slacking, I have been major lame when it comes to taking pictures. I mean, Tyler had a camera in his face every time he blinked. Kailee got the whammy of being the first little girl, so she got the paparazzi treatment as well. But fat baby (who is not so fat anymore) has sort of got shafted on the whole picture thing. I realized it and have started getting better, but still. Poor neglected third child.

So I’m thinking that by trying to doing Project 365 I’ll take more pictures of my kids and other randoms throughout the year and will have a really neat way to document 2012. 


So there, I’m throwing it out there. I might not, but I might. Who knows. 


I hope all of  you out in blog land had a great Christmas! 🙂 


2 responses to “To Project 365 it, or not?

  • bossy.joscie

    yes, you should do a photo a day. and ps. leap year, so it’s going to be P366 this year! 🙂 and I even have a group that is doing a prompt a day if you’re interested in joining. xox

  • Nikki

    You should definitely p366 it this year! Tell the kids – they’ll make you accountable. Or I could always tell Kaleb and make him give you daily phone call reminders. 😉

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