101 in 1001 Update

So I’ve been making pretty good progress on my 101 in 1001 list. I was just going over the list and in the last few months I’ve taken care of  nine of them. So, keep reading for the updates!

#23 – Bake cookies with the kids and don’t mind their mess making – This Christmas season I got the kids in the kitchen and we made some peanut butter cookies with reese’s in them. YUM! Kailee and I also made peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate. I kept meaning to grab pictures, but forgot. Sorry! 🙂

#33 – Go Dancing – In October I went to a Halloween party with some friends and boy did we have fun. Dancing was definitely included!

Me on the left, Cassandra and Charlene

35 – Get More Chico Bags – So technically the list specified to buy more Chico bags, but I requested some for Christmas this year and got 4 more! 🙂 YAY!

53 – Make my own Salsa – This fall when our garden was doing well, but my in-laws garden was doing even better we got tons of huge zucchini’s. My husband and I looked around and found a zucchini salsa recipe. Everyone we gave it to loved it and we would have canned some except we ate it too fast.

64 – Make a new Friend – Thanks to Facebook and my book club I made two new friends. Two new women started coming to book club and I think they are great. It’s so nice.

72 – Go Camping – This August I loaded the kids and enough crap to last an eon and headed to Grassy Flat. We had a great time camping with my mom, and Matt came out one night. My dad and step-mom came out and brought breakfast the last day and helped us load up!

73 – Get Family Photos Done – The lovely and talented Jenny Marsh did our pictures this summer. She is FABULOUS!

87 – Donate Blood – I have a goal to donate six times. I did one of those on October 31, 2011!

96 – Pay for the coffee for the person behind me. – I was in the drive thru and paid for the coffee. It made me smile, and I got a honk and a wave as I drove out of the parking lot. 🙂 Totally worth the $4 for the feel good day



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