Where the Hell have I been?

Oh. My. God. I know that this is probably not going to be a news flash to most women over the age of 20, but Grey’s Anatomy is a GREAT SHOW! I don’t know how I missed it when it first came out. I don’t know how I missed it when it had been on for two seasons. I don’t know why I didn’t immediately start watching it when I saw it on Netflix and added it to my instant queue. But, I feel like some culture that I have heard people talk about but was always not entirely sure what was going on has accepted me.

So, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but I am now watching Grey’s Anatomy. (And, FYI Grey is the name of a character. See, I had NO IDEA what this show was about) I’m only on season one, about 8 episodes in, but I am loving this show.

Matt wanted to sit with me on the couch last night while I was watching Grey’s. we had a conversation that went something like this:

Me: do you care if I watch another episode of Grey’s?

Him: Do you care if I throw up so much that it fills the living room?

Me: Okay, let’s watch something else.

I don’t usually make a point of forcing him to watch what he dubs. “Crap TV” but there might be times when the threat of vomit does not sway my desire to watch Grey’s.


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