Project 366 – Day 6 Plus a New Adventure


My day 6 photo is my groceries for the week. I know it’s a pretty mundane picture, but I’m pretty excited about this picture. I have been thinking about it for awhile and have seen results in friends of mine and decided to put my family on a Paleo diet. I’m trying it for 30  days and seeing how I feel. I have a feeling I’ll continue on this path as an 80/20 participant.

Anyway, I got the book Everyday Paleo and it was super helpful. I read it over the last couple days and made my meal plan out today and did the grocery run. I spent more money than I normally would on a week of groceries. But, I also have enough food to pack lunch for my husband and I every day this next week. That means no fast food, no restaurants, no extra money. I have a feeling if I continue to be this organized with it I’ll wind up seeing a savings in the long run.

Tonight after the kids go to bed I’m going to have Matt take my before picture. I’m certain I’ll cry when I see a picture of myself in nothing but a sports bra and shorts, but I need to see the changes over this month. When the cravings hit, I will have proof of the shape my body is in and can motivate myself through the craving.

I loved pushing my cart through the store knowing it was loaded with super healthy foods. Things that were nitrate free. Items that would fuel my family the right way and not cause insulin spikes and cravings to get us through the day.

I’m super excited that Matt is willing to go on this journey with me. But then, he’s getting his lunches packed. haha

I’m going to post the meals and snacks I have planned to. I’ll make sure to come back and let you know if I liked or didn’t like something. I’m not going to post recipes since I didn’t create them and took them straight from the Everyday Paleo book.

1. Huevos Rancheros
2. Fritata and Strawberries
3. Egg Cupcakes and fruit
4. Egg Cupcakes and fruit
5. Egg Scramble with Bacon
6.  Egg cupcake and Fruit
7. Egg Scramble and Bacon

1. Spice Rub Slow Cook chicken with Kids Love Cabbage Slaw
2. Steak Skewers and ‘Fried Rice’
3. Pecan Crusted Chicken with Fancy Pear Salad
4. Rockin’ Moroccan Chicken
5. Shrimp Tacos
6. Marvelous Meatball with ‘Spaghetti’
7. Spice Rub Chicken and Salad

1. Salmon Salad
2. Salad with leftover chicken and sundried tomato dressing
3. Avocado Tuna Boats
4. Spinach Salad with Chicken
5. Leftover Chicken with almonds
6. Shrimp Salad
7. Salmon Salad

1. Turkey Slices with Avocado
2. Bugs in a Boat and Almonds
3. Leftover Skewers and Almonds
4. Turkey Slices and Avocado
5. Turkey Slices and Avocado
6. Bug Boats and Almonds
7. Turkey and Almonds

I’m sure this is not the most inspired Paleo menu, but for a first go, I feel pretty good about it. I might tweak things as we go along, but this is week one! 🙂


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