Project 366 Days 10-12

No, I haven’t forgotten about this fun project. I just have been to damned tired at the end of the night to edit my photos and upload and blog. So, tonight I seem to have more energy and busted out three photos to catch me up. Here they are!


Day 10.

I know I’ve already done Castle Rock, but really, it’s so beautiful. I was driving the kids to school and the full moon was setting. I had to pull into one of the turnouts and snap some pictures.  This one was my favorite. I like how it’s sort of dark and moody. 🙂


Day 11

Here’s the kids scarfing down dinner. I made a freaking-A Delicious dinner of Pecan Crusted Chicken Breasts, Pear and Mixed Green Salad and Steamed Carrots. Yeah. I loved it, Tyler ate seconds, then thirds then fourths. ( I didn’t really want to give him more because I wanted to eat them for lunch!) Matt even requested it to be in the normal rotation even once I take him off this strict 30 day plan.


Day 12

Here’s the cutie pies on the steps. I thought it would be fun if on the same day each month I took a picture of them in the same spot. I can see how the change over this year, and hopefully get myself into the habit to do it until they graduate high school. Yeah, they’ll probably hate me for it. No, I don’t care.


Normal stuff going on here. The Paleo Lifestyle is totally awesome. I feel great, I’m not hungry, I haven’t had cravings. I couldn’t be happier that I finally made this switch. Matt is already looking for ways to make gluten free burritos so that he can have a tortilla. We love our Mexican Food around here. And, for anyone reading who might be intrigued about this Paleo thing, you might want to check out Juli Bauer for some humor, great recipes and smart assedness. I love me a smart ass and I know if I wasn’t being a crazy internet stalker and reading her entire blog we’d be friends! Here’s her site: PaleOMG

Tyler started basketball this weekend and even though I took a bunch of pictures, the crap lighting in the gym mixed with dying camera batteries = way crappier than normal pictures. I might get more this weekend. 🙂

Have a great night!


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