Back on the Wagon

The Paleo wagon that is. Today marks one week in of my 30 days no cheats. I’ve been rocking along having eggs and bacon for breakfast, salads, avocados, beef, some awesome meatballs, fauxcous pilaf and tons more yummy things. The results? I weighed in this morning and I’m down 5 pounds! AWESOME!

I’m not sure what my menu holds this week. But I’ll go to the store and stock up on some nuts, some bacon, more eggs, lots of veggies and some fruit! That’s what i love about Paleo, even though it takes some thought and some prep, it works, and it’s easy once you know how to shop!

Also, some of my weird skin issues are going away! I seriously don’t know why I started eating gluten, it wreaks havoc on my body!

One week in, lifetime to go! 🙂 Well, 23 days until I can have a glass of wine!


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