Planning is Awesome

I took the plunge today. I did some freezer crock pot meals. I made a menu plan. Made the grocery list. Hit the grocery store up. In a little more than three hours, I had successfully shopped, chopped, and bagged ten meals.

That’s ten meals that all I have to do is throw the bag of delicious goodness into the crock pot and leave for work and dinner is ready.

It really is something how setting aside the time can make you feel so much better. It’s always like that when I plan. I feel better, I’m more confident, and I’ve saved money.

Since I’m talking about planning, I’m also planning two trips this year! I’m so excited. The first one is to Seattle. I’m going to watch some of the local fire department do a stair climb. Matt and I will fly first to Walla Walla where we’ll see a friend of mine, then we’ll rent a car and drive over to Seattle and stay with different friends, eat at amazing restaurants, and have a great time! I’ll be 9 days post surgery, and a little sore, but totally worth it.

Then, towards the end of this year, we’re going to Mexico! I’ve been trying to decide what big trip I wanted to do as a celebration of kicking cancer’s ass, and couldn’t decide between Hawaii, or a cruise, or a Caribbean all inclusive. Well, turns out my dad is going to be renting a house and stayinhg for three weeks in La Cruz. He offered to let us come for a week. All we have to pay is airfare and our food. We like vacationing with my dad. He’s laid back, and it’s not like we have to hang out with him all the time. 🙂

So, it will be an expensive year, but at least this time I’m spending the money on trips instead of medical bills!


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