And So it Begins

So I’m giving it a go again. I know it’s happened before on this blog, but it’s time. I’m back to paleo this morning. I was going to wait until January 24th to start the process, but honestly, I’m feeling ready now. I’m feeling pudgy and fat and not happy. I know that spending some time on the paleo diet will get not only my weight back where it needs to be, but fix my insides.

If I want to be honest, I probably should have been paleo the entire time I was fighting cancer, but really, I think I deserved the cookies and bread and candy.

The stats aren’t pretty. I’m starting this at 202.4 pounds. Ouch. 52 pounds to my goal. Or a size 8. I’d be happy with an 8. I know that life isn’t about what you weigh, but I need to stick around for a long time.

Day 1.

Weight – 202.4
Neck 15″
Bust – 44.75″
Waist – 42″
Hips – 43.5″
Thigh – 24.5″


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