At the End of the Week…

I officially made it one week back on Paleo. I had a couple of small cheats this week, but nothing critical. No gluten. I had a vodka tonic at the company party, and one iced coffee with cream instead of almond milk. Close enough for me.

It was a pretty good week overall. I ate some good food, and felt great and am glad that I have the knowledge to be able to start this on a whim rather than waiting until my self imposed start date. The next step, which will be much more difficult for me, is to add back in exercise. I’m tossing around going to a Crossfit class at the gym or just throwing in one of my DVD’s here at home. It will probably be a DVD at home, at least until I get back from my trip to Washington. No since in paying for a membership, then having surgery on my neck and not use it for a few weeks.

Alright, to the results.

Starting Stats:
Weight – 202.4
Neck 15″
Bust – 44.75″
Waist – 42″
Hips – 43.5″
Thigh – 24.5″

Week 1 Stats
Weight – 195.6
Neck – 15″
Bust – 42.5″
Waist – 40.5″
Hips – 42″
Thigh – 24″

Total Loss – 6.8 pounds and 5.75″

Not a terrible first week. I’ll take it for sure! 🙂


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