Weekly Weigh in and Recap

Starting Stats:
Weight – 202.4
Neck 15″
Bust – 44.75″
Waist – 42″
Hips – 43.5″
Thigh – 24.5″

Week 1 Stats
Weight – 195.6
Neck – 15″
Bust – 42.5″
Waist – 40.5″
Hips – 42″
Thigh – 24″

Weight – 194
Neck – 14.5″
Bust – 42″
Waist – 40.″
Hips – 42″
Thigh – 24″

So I had a couple cheats this week. I got some GREAT news on Monday. I officially don’t have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma anymore. I still have to deal my thyroid issues, but that will be behind me soon and I’ll be on my way!

I’m down 1.6 pounds for the week, which even though it doesn’t feel like a lot, at least it’s a loss! And, I’m down another 1.5 inches. So, not a great week weigh in wise. I don’t really mind though, the milk shake I had was totally worth it!


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