P365 Celebrate With Food & Drink | Cheer | The New Year

I’m attempting the Katrina Kennedy challenge of project 365. Today’s prompt is CelebrateWith Food & Drink | Cheer | The New Year

We didn’t do any fancy partying, or anything crazy, but Kailee and I made a pie and I had a glass of wine with dinner! So, here’s day one.


2014-01-01 17.51.09


A New Year

So, I’m not even going to pretend to be a good blogger. I don’t blog for the reasons a lot of bloggers do. It’s for me to look back on. I would like to do a better job this year of tracking my life.

My kids are getting bigger. They are hilarious and awesome. I need to be better about recording some of their moments and my memories.

I’m attempting Project 365 again. This year, I have a smart phone, and I take a picture almost every day anyway.

I have at least two trips planned this year. I’m SO excited!

I will be done having cancer this year. Even more excited about that.

I have some weight goals I need to hit this year. Having cancer really screwed with my weight gain and I know that as soon as I’m done with treatment it will come out.

Anyways, from my house to yours, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Four Weeks Down!

I have been back on the Paleo diet for four straight weeks. I have only had one cheat, and it was totally worth it! One glass of red wine, last night while working on the kids’ Christmas present. 

I’ve passed up every treat at work, have made healthy, delicious meals for my family, and even went to a Paleo dinner party! Do you know what I get for all of that hard work? 

13.4 pounds, GONE! YES! 

We got new cell phones last weekend. That’s right, Matt and I have joined the land of the smart phone, and i downloaded the Nike Training Center App. Today I did my first workout on there! I liked it, it was fun, easy to follow because they tell you what to do. 


Back on the Wagon

The Paleo wagon that is. Today marks one week in of my 30 days no cheats. I’ve been rocking along having eggs and bacon for breakfast, salads, avocados, beef, some awesome meatballs, fauxcous pilaf and tons more yummy things. The results? I weighed in this morning and I’m down 5 pounds! AWESOME!

I’m not sure what my menu holds this week. But I’ll go to the store and stock up on some nuts, some bacon, more eggs, lots of veggies and some fruit! That’s what i love about Paleo, even though it takes some thought and some prep, it works, and it’s easy once you know how to shop!

Also, some of my weird skin issues are going away! I seriously don’t know why I started eating gluten, it wreaks havoc on my body!

One week in, lifetime to go! 🙂 Well, 23 days until I can have a glass of wine!

Updating 101 in 1001

I went through my list to see what I’ve accomplished in my absence from my blog. I knocked some more things off without really trying!

3.      Get Rid of all clutter in my living room 11/21/2012

As I look around my living room right now, the buffet is clear of everything but my laptop wires, a scentsy warmer and a book that I’m reading. All the blankets, except the ones we’re using right this second are folded and put in the corner. I’ve narrowed Ian’s toys down, so the only toys down here fit on the shelf or in a bucket. No more Mount Toy spilling out of the box. All the laundry has been moved out. Granted it’s not put away, yet, but it’s out of my living room!

10.   Take my family on a picnic – Summer 2012

Multiple times this summer I loaded us all into the van, some of us not as willing as others, and drove us to the river where we had lunch on the river, on a blanket with great food and plenty of wine for me! 🙂

40.   Sign up for the fresh produce delivery – June 2012

This summer I finally did it. I made the call to Oceanair Farms, and set up the weekly produce! It was so wonderful! The amount of wonderful vegetables was inspiring, and I loved seeing what goods would be there. I also liked knot knowing what we would get! Totally worth it, and I’ll do it again next year for sure!

54.   Go on a girls weekend – November 9-12 2012

Check back later for an update on this, it’s TOTALLY worthy of it’s own post. Let me say, it was so fun!

59.   See a performance at the Britt Festival – August 30, 2012

I boycotted the Britt Festival for a while. An outdoor concert series in a park. Well, a few years ago they started putting all the best shows at a different venue in another town and changing the rules. At the Britt Pavilion you are allowed to bring your own wine or beer, your own snacks and lay down and enjoy before and during the concert. At the new place, they got rid of that option. So, I said we won’t go at all. I must not have been the only one who felt that way because they stopped the silliness of having the concerts elsewhere. Matt and I went to see Colbie Cailait and Gavin DeGraw. The show was great, the weather was beautiful and I loved going back!

61.   No restaurant food for 1 monthJan-Feb 2012

This wound up not being hard. I did 30 days no cheats for a Paleo challenge, and it’s way easier to not eat out when I’m doing this. I was able to stick to my Paleo Diet AND accomplish this. It ws probably more like 60 days no restaurant food, but yay for my wallet!

I feel this isn’t too shabby of a ding on my list!

Have a great day!



Ever since November 1st I have been posting on Facebook my 30 days of thankfulness. At the end of the 30 days I’ll post the entire list here. I always love doing this in November because it really gives me a chance to think about all the things around me. And, I feel really blessed that there are days when I have more than one thing to be thankful for that day and I’m actually choosing what thing to be thankful for.

Try to remember that even if things aren’t perfect, that there is so much we can be thankful for, every day.


I Suck at Blogging

I love reading blogs. I love the glimpse into peoples lives. I really wish I were more committed to blogging. I know I missed the November blogging month, but I’m going to try to blog once a week for the next two months. I know, right, eight entire posts. Oh well, it’s for me and not for anyone else.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our house was full of 18 people. My parents, both sets, Matt’s parents, and my siblings and their significant others and kids. It was awesome. 

I mean, I was damn exhausted at the end of the day when my mom and Kevin finally left, but it was worth it. Plus, we didn’t have to drive and I could drink as much of the champagne punch as I wanted.

I brined the turkey this year. It was a first for me, but man was it worth it. We almost had a catastrophe though. Every website I read said the turkey will cook faster if it’s brined. two and a half hours in to the cooking process I stuck my meat thermometer in and it read 158, So I turned off the roaster and left the turkey in to keep warm and finish cooking. Yup, come carve time, my FIL says it isn’t cooked! AAAHHHH So we threw it on the bbq and it turned out to be the best damn turkey ever. 

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and that you are blessed enough to have tons of things to be thankful for.