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Winter Sports aka Bundling Up Inside

Wow, this was an easy one! 🙂 I don’t live in an area known for it’s winter sportiness. So, when the prompt of winter sports shot up this morning I thought, “Oh crap, I better do my own thing today.” Turns out, Katrina Kennedy must realize that not everyone lives in a winter wonderland, so I was thrilled when I saw that a definition of Winter Sports’ was ‘Bundling Up Inside!’


cy365 Bundling up Inside



I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. I find I don’t keep them. I’m not interested in it. It’s something that feels unattainable and that I’m putting too much pressure on myself. This year, I am not doing a New Year’s Resolution, but I am trying a couple things. I’m trying Project 365, and I’m trying the ‘One Word’ approach. Picking one word to apply to my life this year.

So today, when they inspiration word of ‘resolution’ came through I knew that it was going to have to be my one word related. However, ‘patience’ is sort of hard to photograph. I thought about it, and really came to the conclusion that I would print the word out on paper, and photograph that. Then, I was having a crap day at work. Things were not going right. I was in a blah mood. So I shot out of work and went to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day, and there wasn’t a wave anywhere.

Then, I saw three people way out on paddle boards. I don’t live in an area where we see a lot of that, and I thought, how perfect. Patience is required to paddleboard. I needed the patience to sit out and enjoy the beach. So, that’s my picture.



P365 Celebrate With Food & Drink | Cheer | The New Year

I’m attempting the Katrina Kennedy challenge of project 365. Today’s prompt is CelebrateWith Food & Drink | Cheer | The New Year

We didn’t do any fancy partying, or anything crazy, but Kailee and I made a pie and I had a glass of wine with dinner! So, here’s day one.


2014-01-01 17.51.09